How It Works

  1. You will find our sweepstakes all over different forms of media. When you see one of them that you’re interested in…go ahead & enter.
  2. First, when you see one of our sweepstakes, enter by logging into the widget.
  3. Next, the widget will present other options & tasks you can complete to gain more entries, thus giving you a bigger chance of winning!
  4. Finally, make sure you check your email as we send out reminders of new sweepstakes all the time.



Q:  What does it cost to enter your sweepstakes?

A:  Any sweepstakes that we sponsor will always be 100% FREE. No purchase is necessary my friends!

Q:  Why are you giving prizes away?

A:  We give away prizes because it makes us feel good to give others something. It also helps out folks sometimes & that’s definitely something we can support!

Q:  What kinds of prizes do you give away?

A:  All sorts of prizes. From gift cards, to electronics, to what ever we deem is worthy. We have many things in the works. Good luck & welcome to Prize Circuit!