About Us

Prize Circuit was started by a dude named Dan, who liked entering giveaways & sweepstakes. Then he figured…”Hey, how can I bring more positivity & joy to the world & possibly help some folks out? I know! I’ll start my very own giveaway sweepstakes website! That way I can give lots of prizes away to those who might be less fortunate, unlucky, or even those like me who love to enter giveaways & sweeps!”

We love it when people win, it makes us feel fantastic to give prizes away! Just the feeling of when someone wins something, even if it’s a just a little $5 or  $10 dollar gift card, it means so much to us. We hope everybody loves entering our sweeps & that you keep coming back to check on the new ones we post. The best ways to stay on top of our new listings is through our email newsletter, our web browser notifications, or even our RSS Feed if anyone still does that anymore!?

Good luck & happy sweeping!