$100 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes

amazon gift card sweepstakes giveaway

Here is our 1st Sweepstakes folks. It’s a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Remember, after logging into the widget you can get tons of bonus entries for performing other actions. Then, remember to bookmark this page (Press Ctrl + D) & come back to this widget for daily bonus entries to maximize your chances of winning!

No purchase necessary.



Win (1) Amazon $100 Gift Card

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95 Thoughts to “$100 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes”

  1. Tosha H

    A nice pair of headphones <3

  2. I would save it toward a gift for my son for his birthday!

  3. Nicole Ackerman

    I would use it to buy a flash for my camera!

  4. Kimberly b

    Shows to watch like humans 2.0

  5. toni

    id buy party decorations for my daughters birthday party

  6. Kimberly B.

    I would buy a coupe of video games with the gift card.

  7. Deanna Adkins

    I buy Cleaning supplies & Bath Tissue with amazon credit! To keep us on Budget!

  8. Anna Nichols

    I would love to win this. Thank you for the chance

  9. David Fisher

    $100 dollars worth of doughnuts! I’m in it to win it.

  10. Anne C

    Crossing my fingers! I’d buy lots of books with the gift card!

  11. Katt Lewis

    I had some trees cut down, I’m going to need a Sun shade tarp to get me through the summer!! I’ve been looking at them on Amazon.

  12. Harold B

    Upgrade to a better GPU

  13. Charkes Geiger

    This will be added to my wife’s BIRTHDAY Present Box! If I lose I will put a copy of this memo in the BIRTHDAY PRESENT BOX!! Charles

  14. Thank you for the chance this would be to carpet steam cleaner
    and gifts for next Christmas

  15. Peter parker


  16. Heather Abbe

    I’d like to buy my mom a vaccum

  17. Laura Hast

    PAMPERS:-) OMG This is so awesome ENTERED ty in advance and SHARED everywhere following EveryWhere:-)

  18. Rachelle Baker

    Has anybody won this thing yet? I get every single response to this but know winner announcement.

  19. Christine Gaskill

    Mary Kay that I hadn’t been able to ford for two years ! Plus save up for my sons laptop.

  20. Tevin Ignacio

    Trying to buy something

  21. Pam Shepherd


  22. Pam shepherd

    If I Won i would say it for christmas.

  23. giecilla jandoc roxas

    if i won i will buy cellphone

  24. lacey

    thanks 🙂

  25. Ann Sheehan

    I would use mine to buy fabric to make my daughter a dress

  26. Emily Endrizzi

    I would put the money toward birthday presents for my son and daughter. They both have April birthdays.

  27. Janel

    I’d use it to buy some clothes for my daughter.

  28. Kimberly Flickinger

    I would buy stuff for my new kitchen.

  29. Richard Bynum

    If I win I need to buy cloths! It’s been many years since I’ve been able to buy myself somethig. I live a retro life with the outdated cloths I wear! I need to come back to the present day when it comes to my fashion!…haha

  30. Jennylyn Gross

    baby stuff

  31. Tami Vollenweider

    I’d buy a Spiderman suitcase for my grand son!

  32. I would buy some summer clothes for my toddler and a few new chews for my Boston terrier.

  33. Amy rice

    I would use it to by crafting supplies.

  34. Kimberly Armas

    Would MOST DEFINITELY buy something for my baby boy, his 8th Birthday was yesterday and can’t afford anything right now, just bought our new home but needs lots of fixing up and since it’s just me doing it ALL, it’s hard!! He’s AMAZING and says he don’t want anything BUT he DESERVES EVERYTHING!! PRAYING i win for HIM!!!

  35. jesus flores

    I would like to buy something for myself because my birthday is coming up and I love amazon so, I just want to get something from that website. It’s a good place to shop with good prices.

  36. Mya Murphy

    I would love to save for Christmas!!

  37. I would buy myself a new pair of shoes

  38. Kathleen Gereg

    I’d buy some running gear.

  39. Matthew Brazee

    Pick up some gifts for the elderly where I work. Thanks for the chance

  40. crystal frey

    im going to buy something for my hubs sense i cat afford to vuy his vday gift if i win

  41. jennifer stapp

    U would buy a new coat. my zipper broke on both the ones I’d been using this year. Seriously they both broke within days of each other.

  42. Celeste Herrin

    I think I will get a nice new pair of boots if I win 😉

  43. Julie Waldron

    I would buy a weighted blanket.

  44. monique s

    I would buy some sheets and pillows

  45. Laura

    I would buy some household items!

  46. Kara Marks

    I’d put it toward getting a Kindle Fire.

  47. Cheryl Wilson

    Save it for Christmas

  48. This would be a “Blessing” from the Amazon Gods!!!
    L-O-T-S…and lots of Birthdays in Feb & March!! This would so help me!!

  49. Angel H

    I’d like to buy something for my boyfriend.

  50. I would use this gift card to purchase my mother jewelry for her birthday.

  51. Melissa Bryant

    I would use it to get my husband a gift since I was not able to get him a Christmas present. Times were tough at the time so this would be amazing!

  52. Charles Hough

    I will buy supplies for college

  53. Rachelle Baker

    I hope i win. I am really wanting an embroidery machine. I enter a lot of giveaways with no luck. I cant work and its the only way i can earn or win things and this gift card would be so very appreciated. I love that you are a new site and look forward to spending time here winning things as well as helping you market. Thanks so much for this opportunity! Best wishes.

  54. kayla hunt

    id buy lots of toys for the kids!

  55. I totally need this. I love Amazon! I’d get myself video games and some suprise gifts for my family. It’d be an amazing win! #FingersCrossed

  56. Phronsa Farmer

    If I win, I would buy some much needed clothes for my boys!

  57. Becky Richardson

    If I win I will buy a Paper White Kindle.

  58. Annmarie W.

    I have an under-the-sink organizer and some puzzles on my Amazon wishlist! I’d use the gift card on those!

  59. Farrah King

    Buy the grill I’ve been saving up for!


    i would buy a new ipad

  61. Debbie Penney

    I would like to buy an echo!

  62. Natalie U

    I want an old fashioned popcorn maker, so that’s what I would buy.

  63. My niece and nephew always enjoy when Aunt ML wins GCs… because she shows up with “SURPRISES”

  64. Yvonne McKenzie

    I would buy a new Amazon Kindle.

  65. Catherine Shaw

    I will use it to buy coffee pods in quantity!

  66. shannon fowler

    I would use it towards a playstation pro for my fiancé for valentines day.

  67. Kymi A

    I’d love to buy my kids new shoes and books to read.

  68. Kritsida

    I want an Echo Dot! 🙂

  69. Mabcurry

    I hope I win this amazon gift card. It would be great

  70. Julie Bickham

    I would get a Amazon kindle!

  71. Michelle V

    How awesome!

  72. Barrie

    I love Amazon! I’d purchase a kindle fire as mine isn’t working anymore!

  73. Debbi Wellenstein

    There are a lot of birthdays coming up in my family-this will come in very handy for birthday gifts.

  74. Natalie

    I would use the gift card to buy running clothes.

  75. Patricia Noble

    Thank you for this opportunity.
    I have lots of great grand babies to buy. Birthday presents for so this would help a lot

  76. rachael debates

    presents for my son’s birthday!

  77. Robyn Cobb

    i’d get books and something for my lil sis. thank you for a chance, i appreciate it.

  78. Gina Ferrell

    I would buy a KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

  79. Oh my goodness, this sure would come in handy right now 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity !!!

  80. Jennifer Gonzalez

    I would start saving for Christmas

  81. Lisa Coomer Queen

    I will be saving it up for my daughter’s textbooks for next semester. Thanks!

  82. Clayton C

    A Cpu cooler

  83. Frank

    a new keyboard

  84. Christina A.

    I order quite often from Amazon so I’ll use it to order things for our home that I would typically buy!

  85. Anita Kennett

    Very generous,Thanks

  86. annette fisher


  87. Joe Valenti

    i will be saving it up to buy a Vive VR headset!

  88. Karen M

    I’m going to buy art for my new house.

  89. Patricia Hoffmeister

    Choices! Choices! Choices! I’ll be like a kid in a candy store.

  90. Ann Fantom

    If I won, I would buy a Keurig coffee maker

  91. kim s

    I’d like to buy something for my mom for her birthday!

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